daycare-downtown-brooklynFrench classes

Children will enjoy our fun and fully immersive small French classes tailored to their age and abilities. They will learn to speak and write in french according to their grade.




french-daycare-manhattanCircle Time

Circle time is a time for children to collectively share their personal feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas and  anything that is significant to them with their peers.
Typically, during Circle time all children will sit in a circle, sing, chat in french and perform a series of music and movement activities. Circle time is a daily activity.



12654387_1135741299791549_3690748902437162514_nArt and Entertainment 

This class is conducted according to the season of the year and holidays. Children learn to draw, paint, glue, cut and bring a project home once a week depending on their stage of development.
On special occasions, a live entertainers will be invited to entertain the kids by performing a variety of tricks.



A dedicated Yoga practice that includes breathing techniques, behavioral guidelines, and physical postures will be incredibly valuable for your children.
Our Yoga class is instructed once a week by a certified Yoga instructor .






12027574_1072541396111540_8140587969419469475_nWorld Music/ Dance
Our music workshops allow children to experiment different world instruments. Children are introduce to different music instruments
including African drums, balafon ( xylophone) and many more…




Once a week, our children will cook for lunch or snack. They will make sandwiches, salad, cakes, cookies…
It will also be an opportunity for them to know the ingredients in french and learn healthy cooking and nutrition.






12043171_1068389033193443_5236634404656320381_nOutdoor activities
Children love to play outdoors. It is a wonderful place to test their physical abilities and have fun. Our backyard is equipped with a slide, a swing, a sand box and more…
The daily schedule includes two outdoor recreational activities whenever the weather permits.



Activities with parents