About us

Our primary goal is to meet the needs of your children. We are trained professionals in child development, pediatric first aid and CPR and we are M.A.T certified ( Medical Administration Training). Our staff also attends seminars and training sessions
 to expand their knowledge in childcare and education. We believe in the continuous development of our staff to build a better environment for your children.



My name is Mileygaim “Miley” Diarrassouba, I am a native French speaker, owner, teacher, and the main cook here at Les Bijoux de Miley.  My love for children resonates in the quality of my family daycare. The oldest girl of a family of 5 children, I started caring for my two younger siblings at the age of 16. This allowed me to understand children and their needs at a very early age. Despite the fact I hold a College degree in engineering; I discovered that my true passion is in Childcare. Upon moving to the States in 2011, my passion grew even more as I began working at a local French daycare as an assistant/teacher. Prior to opening  ” Les Bijoux de Miley”, I spent the past couple years as a Nanny caring the lovely children of a New York based public figure. It was a great experience and it enabled me to travel the world while caring for the most adorable children.  I love interacting with kids, playing games, and doing outdoor activities with them. I am also comfortable with newborns, although my specialty ranges from toddlers to age 6.  My hobbies include yoga, swimming, dancing, playing soccer, reading and drawing. With me, your children will have fun, playing and learning rather than just sitting in front of a television set…

  • All staff members meet Department Of Health education and college requirements
  • All staff members undergo a thorough background screening
  • On-site Provider is always available to parents
  • Teachers are infant/child CPR, first-aid and health and safety certified
  • All have prior childcare experience

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