17 “Must Do” Activities with Your Kids When You Live in New York


Without a doubt New York City is one of the top places to visit for anyone travelling to the United States. For those who live in the Big Apple, it is a place with all kinds of attractions and things to see for everyone, including kids on board. The city has some of the most incredible entertainment varieties meaning your kids and the entire family have a limitless provision of unforgettable possibilities no matter where they look. Here are some of the best 17 activities you must do with kids, particularly if you live in New York City (NYC).

Top Five kid-friendly attractions in New York

There are a huge number of attractions you must find time with your family to visit. Here are five attractions your kids will enjoy.

  1. American Museum of Natural History

A top world museum in the heart of NYC and an exciting place the entire family will love. Ben Stiller’s film “A Night at the Museum” is based on this museum and offers a wonderful chance to let kids quench their curiosity in the gigantic museum. Museum Food Court awaits you after watching dinosaur fossils and giant whale models for a bite, great for kids as well.

  1. Central Park Zoo’s Tisch Kids Zoo

A Central Park Zoo’s section specifically geared towards young children and toddlers, it is the ultimate wildlife walkthrough adventure any young explorer will never forget. There are potbellied pigs, alpacas, sheep and goats to feed.  

  1. Discovery Times Square’s Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N

This is one of the most fantastic parts of the city where the wonders of Marvel Universe become the joy of every kid. Marvel world comes alive as kids explore classified studies, top secret investigations and experiments plus intelligent files related to Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and other famous superheroes.

  1. Ellis Island Ferry and the Statue of Liberty

Through an iconic ferry ride laden with enjoyment for the entire family, you will get a chance of visiting two major historic landmarks of the country. Kids are definitely learning about Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty in school and the ferry ride will be the most eye opening of all.

  1. USS Intrepid Museum

The space, air and sea intrepid museum is a renowned and education tourist attraction and a wonderful place every kid will love. 20th century history comes alive, including top-notch jet plane simulators, the space capsule of Gemini III, submarine restored aircrafts and much more. It is a unique activity your kids will always remember.

5 Free places in NYC for kids to visit

If you are on a budget you will love the following places you can visit free with your kids, essentially vital landmarks and parks your kids need to know about.

  1. Books of Wonder

This is New York City’s largest and oldest bookstore containing new titles for children to those favorites that have withstood the test of time. The designs and vivid colors will enthrall every young reader you have brought along.

  1. Heckscher Playground

Central Parks Heckscher Playground is a 3-acre refurbished kid’s paradise with playground equipment children are familiar with including sprinklers, toddler play area, suspension wooden bridge and a climbing rock mountain. Bathrooms breaks shouldn’t be a worry since restrooms can be found in the playground.

  1. Times Square

Whether it is a vacation or just a stroll with your kids, Times Square is a must visit. Locals and tourists in droves bring kids there on daily basis and it is not as challenging as it looks. The buildings, stores, people, lights and signs in excess will be something kids will always be talking about.

  1. Grand Central Terminal

This is a historic and grand building worth a visit as you let your kids enjoy the view of the massive trains departing and arriving. Whether you are about to leave town or not, this terminal is a must stop and perhaps let kids use the Whisper Wall to whisper from opposite sides of the walls and still hear what the other is saying.

  1. American Girl Place in New York

This is a place your kids will love to play at and window shop, including Fifth Avenue’s FAO Schwarz. If you have young girls on tow they will love the American Girl unique characters that have ever been created including props, accessories, outfits and others that define the characters. Schwarz is a toy paradise the entire family will be mesmerized by.

  1. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The collections at the Metropolitan Museum are diverse and vast that you might want to let kids move around enjoying the view with you. There are free family programs, including the museum shop, a common fun spot.  By the time you arrive at the shop you would have basked in unique culture and art, which is world renown.

  1. Yankee Stadium

While the jury is out there on who is mightier between Mets and Yankees, it is a unique affair to let your kids enjoy their first ever ball game at the Yankee Stadium. There are hot dogs to munch as they pray for a homerun from the hero of the day.

  1. Chinatown

Those with picky eaters in the group will find Chinatown as a perfect place where the ethnic feeling of the place is life changing for every child while getting the best out of dim sum. It is also a place to allow kids to polish their haggling skills with the traders while buying exotic fruit to carry along spread across the wet markets.

Places to eat with kids in New York City

Here are restaurants that have kid’s menus, original creations and NYC traditions for everyone.

  1. Shake Shack

A Madison Square Park eatery, it is a place where a lot is provided apart from shakes. Ice cream, fries, hot dogs and burgers are great treats kids will always love. The prices are affordable in New York’s standard.

  1. Artie’s Delicatessen

A 1930s re-recreated Jewish deli, it is a restaurant that has all kinds of traditional recipes with delicious meals kids will love from birthday cake dessert, frankfurters to chicken fingers. Entree options, salads, sandwiches and appetizing soups are some of the healthy choices your kids will definitely love.

  1. Hampton Chutney

This restaurant has a comfortable yet busy atmosphere with all kinds of crispy crepes sourdough and Indian dosas. There is a kids’ special menu section with grilled chicken, cheese, scrambled eggs to cheese and anything in between.

  1. Peanut Butter and Company Sandwich Shop

This is the only restaurant in New York City dedicated to peanut butter and items that feature it. The options of peanut butter available include the crisp button sandwich with maple peanut butter to the free salad bowl and tuna melt options among others. It is a perfect place for kids.

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